Forklift efficiency is a crucial aspect of successfully improving your operation’s overall material handling efficiency. The value in being capable of completing a task more safely, quicker, and more efficiently cannot be overstated. But, pinpointing the areas in which you can improve your forklift material handling efficiency can be difficult. While generalizing for all forklift types and facilities is also difficult, it is generally a good idea to think about forklift preventative maintenance. Reducing the risk of a potentially costly repair will save you both time and money. The following guidance can be useful to consider how best to improve efficiency.

Take the guesswork out of forklift operation.

When forklift operators are confident, they are productive. Having the necessary tools at their disposal will allow the operators perform their job well. Optional productivity enhancing attachments like auto-tilt leveling, fork tip lasers and cameras, and height indicators can dramatically increase operator confidence. Adding a side-shifting fork positioner allows the forks to be manipulated from inside the operating compartment. In general, the less guessing that an operator is forced to do, the more assured they are in their decisions—which ultimately saves time and improves safety.

Use the correct material handling equipment.

Pairing the right forklift with the right task conditions is crucially important in improving your forklift material handling efficiency. Plenty of forklifts can adequately do the job, but not all are equal in terms of the value they can provide your company. For example, if your operators are dismounting the forklift more than ten times an hour, it might be worth considering getting a stand-up rider instead of a sit-down forklift. If your storage area has narrow aisles, getting a forklift with a shorter turning radius can allow the operator to navigate more comfortably in tighter areas. It is also important to make sure that your attachments are compatible with the forklift model.

There are many other ways to improve forklift material handling efficiency, such as optimizing your facility’s layout and design. But, these are some good general guidelines to follow.

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