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Check Out Our Extensive Forklift Warning LED Lights

Many companies have chosen to supplement their forklift strobe light with the addition of a forklift warning LED lights. The majority of  LED lights are either blue or red safety LED lights. They can be narrow focused or big and bold.

The forklift LED warning lights can be easily mounted to the front or the back of the forklift. Some companies have chosen to mount a light on both the front and the back of the forklift.

The lights allow forklift operators and pedestrians to see where other forklifts are operating, even around corners and in tight spaces with less than ideal visibility.

We offer an adjustable red LED pedestrian warning light that mounts on both sides of the forklift. The illuminated red light on the floor promotes a “cushion of safety”. Pedestrians should be trained and instructed not to cross the red barrier light when they are in the vicinity of the forklift

For Your Convenience We Created a LED Light Spec Table

Pedestrian Warning Lighting Category Comparison Chart

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