How to Pass the Forklift Practical Test?

How to Pass the Forklift Practical Test?
How to Pass the Forklift Practical Test?

Becoming a forklift operator requires more than simply passing the initial job interview. Forklift operators need certification from an OSHA-approved training course. The second phase of this training course is the hands-on practical test. Because it’s one of the final phases before obtaining certification, it can be pretty stressful. Are you in need of some tips for how to pass the forklift practical test? Don’t worry, this comprehensive guide will break down the basic subjects you’ll need to know and the guidelines you’ll need to follow to finally become forklift-certified.

First and foremost, you’ll need to carry out safe driving practices. It should go without saying that recklessly driving the forklift is an easy way to fail the practical test. However, if you keep the following safety guidelines in mind, you can improve your chances of passing.

  • Wear a seatbelt
  • Use turn signals
  • Drive at appropriate speeds
  • Carefully handle ramps and other environmental obstructions
  • Safely travel through intersections (slow down, observe surroundings, etc.)
  • Secure loads correctly
  • Maneuver loads correctly
  • Carefully unload products
  • Park in the designated forklift parking zones

In addition to carrying out these tasks correctly, there are some additional factors you’re expected to learn during the practical test. These include:

  • The proper maintenance and operation procedures given by the forklift manufacturer
  • The maximum load capacity of the forklift
  • The stability triangle and how to apply it to your forklift
  • Refueling/recharging protocols
  • The specific attributes that make your forklift unique
  • The environment you’ll be operating in and hazards that are present
  • Areas in your work environment in which pedestrians move through regularly
  • Any other hazards/protocols unique to the work environment and the type of forklift you’re operating

Do you have a better understanding of how to pass the forklift practical test? Hopefully, your answer is yes because you should be calm, confident, and informed when you walk into the training facility for the first time. If you need any additional information regarding forklift or aerial lift certification, we can help with one of our many training classes. For instance, our Genie MEWP operator training class will help you become more familiar with MEWP’s so you can get the training you need to earn certification.

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