Updated ANSI A92 Standards for 2019

Updated ANSI A92 Standards for 2019

The American National Standards Institute will make some changes to the standards for mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP). As of now, there has been a delay, and the updated ANSI A92 standards for 2019 are behind by six months. As such, the original deadline for the implication of the new standards moved. The new deadline for the publication of the standards is March 2020. However, this date could change, as appeals against the new standards might delay them further.

What Will Change?

The upcoming implementation of the updated ANSI standards—A92.22 Safe Use and A92.24 Training Standards for MEWPs—has led to some confusion in the industry. The A92 standards clearly identify the responsibilities for everyone involved in the operation of MEWPs. This includes the user, owner, dealer, and manufacturer. Now, the new standards will place a huge emphasis on the user (typically the owner of the equipment) and their responsibilities.

The implications of the new standards mean all the entities will fall under the user category at some time, with the lone exception being the operator. Similarly, equipment rental companies will have to take on the responsibilities of the dealer, owner, user and operator. Understanding the requirements of the new standard is very important. Once the ANSI finalizes and publishes the standards, everyone will have one year to start following them.

Who Will the Changes Affect?

The new standards will affect everyone equally—from the largest construction companies to the smallest independent contractors. Even a small company that only uses a MEWP on rare occasions will have to follow the new standards. Every company that uses MEWPs will have to create a safety plan that outlines the proper operation of the machine. This should include a site risk assessment and rescue plans that everyone must have training on. Anyone that directly supervises an operator must also receive training. The operator will now have the responsibility to give limited training to anyone that will be on the platform. The safe use program will include, but is not limited to:

  • Performing a site risk assessment to identify hazards, evaluate risk, develop control measures, and communicate with all affected persons
  • The selection, provision, and use of a suitable MEWP and associated equipment
  • Access, preparation, and maintenance of the site to include an assessment ensures the support surface is adequate to support the weight of the MEWP
  • MEWP maintenance, including inspections and repairs as required
  • Inform the operator of local site requirements and provide the means to protect against identified hazards in the areas of the MEWP operation
  • Have a trained and qualified supervisor monitor the performance or the work of the operator to ensure compliance with provisions of the standards
  • Prevention of unauthorized use of the MEWP
  • Safety of bystanders during the operation of the MEWP

To prepare for the new ANSI standards, make sure your company complies with all the changes. Contact us today to schedule comprehensive genie manlift training and stay ahead of the new regulations.

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