Why Onsite Forklift Training Is the Best Choice

Why Onsite Forklift Training Is the Best Choice

Why Onsite Forklift Training Is the Best Choice

If you oversee a facility in which employees operate forklifts, you have to make sure they all go through the proper training. It’s a legal requirement for employees to have the proper certification before they can drive a forklift, which they must obtain by completing an OSHA-approved training course. The training course includes a classroom portion, followed by hands-on training with the machines.

The classroom and hands-on training takes place right at your very own facility. Learn why on-site forklift training is the best choice for preparing new employees to thrive in your work environment.

Knowledge of Your Specific Equipment

Not all warehouses use the same type of forklift. For instance, if your work environment calls for a specific forklift such as a reach truck, then on-site training will allow trainees easy access to one so they can see and understand how it functions. Letting an employee train with the specific machine they work with will make them more efficient in day-to-day operations. They’ll really learn the ins and outs of the vehicle, such as how to safely turn and maintain stable loads.

Familiarity With Your Work Environment

On-site training also allows employees to become familiar with their work environment as they train. Instead of becoming familiar with an offsite training facility, employees should learn about the facility they’ll be working in before they officially join the team. This will help them learn certain aspects of the overall facility, such as high-risk areas, as well as the specific areas they’ll going to and from throughout the day. This will help employees become more productive more quickly because they won’t have to learn all that information after getting the certification.

Knowing why on-site forklift training is the best choice for your employees will help you maintain an efficient work environment. If your new employees can have time to get a feel of your facility and equipment before officially starting, then they’ll have a much smoother transition into your day-to-day operations when they finally obtain certification. At First Quality Forklift Training, we can provide you with comprehensive on-site training, as well as OSHA forklift training videos to help new employees learn about these machines with ease.

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